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Allegro Series

Laser machining thin-film solar modules

Allegro laser systems are used for all processes associated with laser structuring (laser scribing) thin-film solar cells. Whether CIGS, CIS, aSi, aSi/µSi or CdTe, depending on the actual thin-film technology Allegro systems are equipped with the corresponding optimal laser sources and can be equipped for machining from the film- or non-film side of glass. The system modularity accommodates various substrate sizes. The Allegro series combines the ultimate performance and profitability in laser scribing.

Highest throughput

Icon Highest ThroughputThe motion of the dynamically optimal component, a compact machining head with multiple parallel machining beams, allows for maximum acceleration and speed to reduce the machining time inside the Laser Scriber. A single machining step simultaneously delivers multiple structures, and substrate handling processes are parallelized to the greatest extent possible. This increases machine output while reducing production costs.

Optimum availability

Icon Optimum AvailabiltyFrom a construction perspective Allegro laser scribers are rugged, low-maintenance and designed to be easy to maintain: with maintenance-free air bearings for transporting glass and moving the scribing head, long-life laser sources and pre-aligned optical and mechanical components. This effectively reduces scheduled and unscheduled downtimes, increasing system availability.

Cost efficiency

Icon Cost EfficiencyOptimized machine dynamics, accurate structuring and the minimum-cost machine design make the Allegro laser scriber particularly profitable production equipment for thin-film solar modules.

Maximum module efficiency

Icon Maximum Module EfficiencyThe cell with the lowest performance significantly determines the module’s performance. It is therefore important to produce a high-precision pattern with uniform cell size distribution in step P1. The subsequent P2 and P3 lines are accurately aligned and positioned based on this master. An ultra-precision P1 Allegro and the Dynamic Path Tracking in the P2 and P3 Allegros reduce the “dead zone” to maximize module power.

Allegro System
LPKF Allegro
Allegro Dynamic Focus Tracking
Dynamic Focus Tracking
Dynamic Path Tracking

Allegro Laser Head
Allegro scribing axis
Laser Head of the Allegro System
Allegro scribing head
Allegro System Image
Allegro Series


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Technical Data
Technical Data: LPKF Allegro Series
Thin-film technologies aSi, aSi/nSi, CIS, CIGS, CdTe
Laser wavelength 1064 nm, 532 nm or 355 nm
Laser pulse length Picoseconds to nanoseconds
Line width 30 µm – 70 µm (depending on wave length and optical configuration)
Line spacing Motor-driven and self-calibrating
Machining From film- or non-film side of glass
Machining head Multi-beam machining head per customer requirements
Substrate size Custom
Substrate thickness 2 mm - 6 mm
Substrate material Float glass
Extraction LPKF HighVacuum 500*
MES Interface Customer-specific
OPC server or SECSGem
Software LPKF SolarMaster
Additional features Process-integrated quality inspection
Dynamic path tracking
Dynamic focus tracking

* Powerful vacuum extraction and filtration system with filter cleaning, barrel based dust collection  optimized for hazardous dusts, HEPA filter optional.


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